A Henderson business & real estate firm, Frizell Law caters to the particular needs of unique individuals, companies, and entrepreneurs.  We open doors for our clients by providing legal advice tailored to their specific goals.

Practice Areas

Drawing on experience gained from years of practice, we offer a vast array of legal services to our business and individual clients in the following areas:

Litigation (Lawsuits, Arbitration, Etc.)

Whether it’s a bet-your-business lawsuit, a real estate deal gone sour, or a simple matter of collections, we provide top-notch litigation services to clients big and small.

Civil Appeals

So, you won at trial, but now the other side wants to deny you the prize with an appeal. Maybe the trial court erred in a manner that negatively impacts you, and you need to appeal.

Business Law

We represent large corporations, mid-size businesses, and even mom-and-pop shops. Business is the lifeblood of the economy, and your business is more than just your livelihood. We are Henderson business attorneys.

Real Estate Law

Real estate law is complex. Often, people dabble in real estate only to get burned. We know real estate laws and can help.


You derive great value from your business name and logo. We can protect you from poachers who would take them right out from underneath you.


In business, licenses are legion. If your business does not have all of its required licenses, it will be dead in the water. We are here to help.


People owe you money, but they’re not paying. Perhaps you have one or two clients that owe you substantial sums. We are here to develop a strategy and get your money.


Someone special in your life has unfortunately passed away. Because they wanted to take care of you, or maybe help you out a little, they left you something valuable or they thought they left it to you.

General Counsel

Companies often need an attorney to turn to when something arises. Let’s talk about how we can provide general counsel services for your company.

An easy and worry-free experience.

“We were looking for a great Henderson business attorney and found Frizell law. Working with Frizell Law Firm was one of the best experiences I have had. They took something so daunting and made it simple for me to execute.”

Brian Rowley

"When I have visited attorneys in the past, I have always felt like they were trying to just take my money. Frizell Law Firm was the complete opposite, they were genuinely interested in doing what was best for me."

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Clients, Attorneys, Even Opposing Counsel Agree...

Frizell Law is the number one Henderson Business Attorney. A 5-Star Law Firm!

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